Steampunk Art for Kids- WED 10:30am

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Steampunk Art for Kids – WED
Ages 8+

Wednesday 24th & 31st July, 2024

This class will introduce artists to steampunk and take them on a journey to create their own steampunk machine or invention using a variety of metal, plastic, wood and other materials and junk that can be found around the home and in a garage.

Artists will explore painting techniques to create a metal and/or rusted effect without using metallic paint!

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Location: Taylors Lakes

About the Teacher:

Di Riepsamen is a passionate and experienced primary school teacher who started out in the classroom and discovered a love of the visual arts. She teaches term classes and school holiday workshops to kids who want to experience a wide variety of art forms, including drawing, painting, collage, mixed-media, clay, construction and more.


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