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Looking to add something to your family’s homeschooling, unschooling or de-schooling experience?

We’re passionate about learning, discovering and new experiences. We’re also passionate about children and teens (and adults for that matter) being in the driver’s seat of their own learning. 

We recognise that all kids, just like adults, are different and need different things on different days and thrive in different ways.

We have a variety of options for families looking to add to, support, enrich or expand their children’s experiences.

Clay, papier mache and timber construction art


Enrol in a Daytime* Term Class by 28 April and pay 2023 prices!
Enrol in a Short Course by 28 April and save 10%

Discounted prices as shown below.

*Daytime = classes commencing and ending between 9am – 3pm

3 Ways for Homeschoolers to Connect with Our Studio

Term Classes


Have a child who simply loves art, creating and making? Or a child who is not so confident in their artistic abilities YET (but would like to grow in confidence)?


  • Enrol for the term
  • 7 – 9 weeks
  • 90 minute sessions
  • Different days and classes on offer.

We offer a rich experience of art skills, techniques, ideas and inspiration, paired with lots of freedom and scope to take an idea off in any direction.


More details on each Term 2 class below and on our Term Classes page.

Short Courses


Can’t commit to a whole term, but would love to add an art experience to your child’s learning?


  • Enrol in a short course
  • 1 – 3 weeks
  • Most sessions 90 minutes
  • Sessions run on Tues or Wed mornings
  • Variety of sessions and inspiration on offer


We run a number of short-courses each term. Each has a focus on a particular medium or skillset, but with oodles of room for artists to take that idea in different directions.

Private Bookings


Have something in mind? Looking to create a session or short-course tailored to your group?


  • Minimum no. participants – 5

Click below to complete an enquiry form and we’ll be in touch.

Homeschool Term Classes

1pm - 2:30pm (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)


Dive into Drawing

Homeschool Class

A drawing class for kids suitable for beginners to intermediate. We’re going to dive into drawing some more animals, anime, people, graffiti lettering and more this term. Artists will experiment with shading, texture, fur and a variety of creative drawing tasks to explore various skills, techniques, effects, drawing tools & mediums and more. There will be lots of scope for choice within each artwork, and input from the artists as to what they would like to learn throughout the term.

Commencing Monday 6th May – Monday 24th June


*No class on King’s Birthday


Painting Around the World

Homeschool Class

In this painting class for kids, artists (your children) will explore a variety of paint mediums, techniques, processes and styles through the eyes of different artists.  Your children will be introduced to a new international or Australian artist each week and take inspiration from this artist in a variety of ways to create their own unique artworks. There will be lots of opportunity for artists to experiment with their artmaking as well as learn specific techniques and skills.

Commencing Wednesday 15th May – Wednesday 26th June


Artists, Lead the Way!

Homeschool Class

An open studio art class where artists come to work on their own ideas, art inspiration and/or take inspiration from the materials, a picture book, conversation, important events, prompts, examples or ideas on offer in the studio. This class is perfect for artists who have lots of ideas of their own and often know exactly what they would like to create.

Commencing Thursday 2nd May – Thursday 27th June

*Classes commence after ANZAC Day


Enrol in a Daytime* Term Class by 28 April and pay 2023 prices!
Enrol in a Short Course by 28 April and save 10%

Discounts as shown above and below.

*Daytime = classes commencing and ending between 9am – 3pm

Homeschool Short Courses

10:30am* - 12pm (Tuesday, Wednesday)



Painting Without Brushes

Artists will explore and experiment with a range of materials, techniques and painting tools (everything except brushes!) to create a series of abstract & other eye-catching artworks over two sessions.

This class is also a terrific springboard for learning new techniques that could then be used in future artworks at home, as well as being beautiful artworks themselves.

Tuesday 14th & 21st May, 2024

papier mache animals and monsters

Papier Mache Animals & Monsters

Artists will design, construct, paint and collage a 3D animal or monster over three sessions.

In the first session, artists will design and construct their 3D creature and add layers of newspaper and glue (the papier mache).

In the second session they will paint their animal or monster and begin planning and making the additional features – feathers, scales, eyes, fluff to a tail, buttons, a water bowl, a tree or whatever else.

In the final session they will add finishing touches and put all the details together.

Tuesday 28th May, 4th & 11th June, 2024

wild animal painting

Wild Animal Painting

Over two weeks, artists will experiment with sketching and drawing a chosen wild animal from images, photographs and their own imagery. 

They’ll choose their favourite to sketch on canvas and use a variety of techniques, brushes and layers to create the texture, colours, shapes and detail of their wild animal and it’s habitat.

Tuesday 18th & 25th June, 2024


steam punk constructions

Steampunk Art for Kids

This class will introduce artists to steampunk and take them on a journey to create their own steampunk machine or invention using a variety of metal, plastic, wood and other materials and junk that can be found around the home and in a garage.

Artists will explore painting techniques to create a metal and/or rusted effect without using metallic paint!

Wednesday 15th & 22nd May, 2024

graffiti name art

Graffiti Name Art

A relaxing one session activity where artists get to explore some wild and different writing styles, learn some neat tricks for turning their name (or another word) into graffiti, create an eye-catching colour scheme and experiment with patterns to contrast the pop of colour.

*Please note this class is 2 hours and starts at 10am.

Wednesday 29th May

how to draw faces

How to Draw Faces

There are some neat tricks and techniques for drawing noses, eyes, mouths, faces, hair etc. Artists will learn techniques for drawing each part of the face and then have time to explore and experiment with variations of each before embarking on creating head & shoulders portraits using everything they’ve learnt.

Wednesday 5th & 12th June



This will be a fun-filled messy activity that will begin with layering plaster strips on a mask mould.

Artists will then sketch their design and add any additional structures or features in the next stage and plaster these into their mask.

In the second session, artists will paint their masks and add any embellishments and finishing details to complete their mask.

Wednesday 19th & 26th June

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Incredible experience. Di is passionate and clearly loves art and teaching. the flexibility but still with the outcomes is amazing. would recommend to all.
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