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Drawing Classes for at Wild at Art KIDS

Welcome to Wild at Art KIDS. Our art studio in Melbourne offers a range of drawing classes for your kids perfectly designed for ages 5 – 13. We have experienced art teachers who will help the kids develop and express their artistic side. Whether your kids are just starting to doodle or they’re already crafting their small artwork, we developed special classes that would cater to all talents.

At Wild at Art KIDS, we offer drawing classes for beginners to more advanced workshops. It is the place where your kids can improve their skills and talents. And let’s not forget the little ones! We also have drawing classes for young artists from ages 5 – 8 where they can learn and have fun. Our art studio at Wild at Art KIDS is designed to let the kids express their creativity in a free and comfortable environment.

We believe every child has an artist inside them just waiting to be discovered. Our drawing classes will allow the kids to learn how to draw while giving your kids the freedom to express themselves. They can explore new ideas and discover the world through colours and possibilities.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your child’s artistic side be cultivated with us. We’re excited to meet your young artists and can’t wait to see the incredible things they’ll create.

Why Choose Drawing?

Drawing is a fantastic activity for kids regardless if they’re already experienced young artists or just a beginner. Drawing will allow them to express themselves and improve their imagination and problem-solving skills!

Drawing has many benefits for your child’s well-being and creativity. Here are just some of them:

  • It helps with fine motor skills: Drawing with small tools will help strengthen their fine motor skills which is great for writing in later years.
  • It improves cognitive development: Drawing requires your child to think about what they want to draw, and then plan out how they’re going to draw it before they start. This helps improve memory, focus and concentration. If they have trouble deciding what they want to draw or where to start, try giving them some prompts such as “draw me something that represents happiness” or “draw me something we saw at the park today”.
  • It’s a great way for kids to express themselves: Drawing gives children an outlet for their emotions through art instead of words when they’re not ready to talk about how they feel yet (or don’t know how).

Drawing Classes We Offer

At Wild at Art KIDS, we’ve got various art classes lined up for young artists on all skill levels. You don’t have to worry whether you’re looking for a class for experienced artists or a beginner, we have prepared something special for them.

Here’s a glimpse of what we have at Wild at Art KIDS:

drawing classes in melbourne

Dive Into Drawing

Availability: Available on school term art classes.

This drawing class for kids is suitable for beginners to intermediate. We’re going to dive into drawing some more animals, anime, people, graffiti lettering and more. Artists will experiment with shading, texture, fur and a variety of creative drawing tasks to explore various skills, techniques, effects, drawing tools and mediums.

Beary Bear on Canvas

Beary Bear on Canvas

Availability: Available on school holiday workshops.

In this class, artists will have fun drawing a bear using different techniques. They’ll also use all sorts of materials to make a gorgeous scarf for their bear!

Sketch a Robot

Sketch a Robot

Availability: Available on school holiday workshops.

In this class, artists will explore and experiment different ways to draw a robot before designing their own. They’ll learn shading and colouring techniques to give their robot texture and a 3D effect.

Sketch a Lion

Sketch a Lion

Availability: Available on school holiday workshops.

In this class, artists will have fun learning some simple steps and techniques for drawing a lion’s face.  They’ll also learn a variety of sketching and shading techniques, as well as ways to draw long and short fur and hair.

Sketch a Teddy

Availability: Available on school holiday workshops.

In this class, artists will be introduced to a variety of sketching and shading techniques, as well as different ways to draw fur, curls or hair. They will then sketch a teddy from observation – noticing the size, shape and positioning of different parts of the teddy. Artists are also encouraged to bring a teddy of their own to this class or they can use the ones that we have in our studio.

anime drawing art class melbourne

Anime Drawing

Availability: Available on school holiday workshops.

Does your kid never have a go at anime drawing before? Or do they love to draw anime? Then this class is specially designed for them! In this class, they will learn tips, tricks and techniques for creating and drawing their own anime characters. Plus, they can meet other anime-keen artists as well!

Check Out our Drawing and the Rest of Our Art Classes

What to Expect In Drawing Class at Wild at Art KIDS

Welcome to a glimpse of what your child will experience in our art classes at Wild at Art KIDS. We’ve designed each session to be a journey of discovery, creativity, and fun for your young artists.

At Wild at Art KIDS, we’re committed to nurturing the artist within every child. Whether they’re already passionate about art or just a beginner. We guide and support each child in trusting their artistic side and expressing themselves freely.

Our classes are drop-off sessions, so it will give your artists the freedom to create, chat and collaborate with other children. They will be supported by our experienced art teachers, who will guide them and teach them various tips and drawing techniques.

And while we encourage collaboration and interaction among our participants, we also focus on individual talent and skills. Each child is given the chance to develop their own style and work at their own pace, ensuring a fulfilling and personal art-making experience.

Lastly, our drawing sessions last either 90 or 120 minutes. All materials are already included. And while art making can be a hungry and thirsty work, we encouraged our children to bring along with them their snacks and a drink bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our drawing classes at Wild at Art KIDS are designed for children aged 5 to 13. We offer a range of classes to cater to different age groups and skill levels, ensuring a suitable and enjoyable learning experience for all young artists.

No special requirements are needed. We provide all the necessary materials for the drawing classes. But there may be times when children are encouraged to bring their stuff, like for the Sketch a Teddy class. But they can always use the ones we already have in our art studio.

Enrolling your child in one of our drawing classes is easy! You can sign up through either our Term Classes or School Holiday Workshops, depending on which is available at the moment. You may also call us at +61 411 654 621 so we can answer any questions you may have.

Each session lasts 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on the class. Costs may also vary if you are enrolled in school holiday workshops or term classes. School Holiday Workshops usually cost $49, and term classes are from $350 to $450.

In term classes, we offer a special promotion where one enrolled participant can bring a friend for one trial art session. You may contact us for more information about the trial class.

Absolutely! We have 2 art teachers currently. Di is a primary school teacher with more than 8 years of experience in visual arts. Jodie has a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts degree with a particular talent for sketching and drawing and has experience in teaching.

Here at Wild at Art KIDS, we only have 7 participants per class. This would ensure that we can focus on each individual progress during each session.

All sessions are designed as a drop-off session. This would give your kids the freedom to create, chat and collaborate with other children.

What Our Happy Parents Say

Di offers a safe, fun environment where children can use their imaginations freely to create. She inspires them, supports them and celebrates their successes with them. I have had two children attend Di’s classes and both have truly loved their experience with her. Highly recommend.


Di has been extremely wonderful with my twins the last two terms. She has taught them patience, how to share and wait there turn and of course some brilliant pieces of art.
They are excited to go every Saturday morning and come home with multiple pieces to display.
Extremely grateful for the opportunities presented in Wild at Art KIDS.
Thank you Di


My son has been participating in the Dive into Drawing classes since the start of the year. My husband and I are amazed at the skill and quality of the pieces he brings home each week- his talent far surpasses mine and he is only 8! 🤣 He loves Di and she works so hard in making the classes fun and engaging whilst still teaching her students the necessary skills. So glad we signed up to her art classes!!


My son loves it here! The teacher is amazing and is inclusive with all types of kids with all types of needs. Thanks for making them feel safe in your environment.


Incredible experience. Di is passionate and clearly loves art and teaching. The flexibility but still with the outcomes is amazing. Would recommend to all.


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